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Hello friends, welcome again on the kick start online sessions. We shall begin this How to start a Blog guide, from the topic ‘ What is E blog & How to start blog writing?’.  You can also read this blog in Hindi & Marathi If You Wish. Blogs are an older version of digital marketing. Blogging covers almost 70 to 80% of the digital marketing course. As I told you earlier, all the topics of digital marketing are interrelated. Thus we decided to start this guide with ‘Blogging’. But mind you, never underestimate this chapter, if you wish to gain a complete insight into digital marketing.

As per my point of view, all expert bloggers must start digital marketing from blogging. So let’s see what blogging is. You must’ve heard that people are earning through blogs. Also nowadays in India, people are searching for topics like Blog for money, How To Make Money From Blogging In Hindi, what is e Blog & How To Start A Blog Writing, etc. on the internet. If you too came here searching for them, you’ve landed on the correct place. Here, I will explain A to Z of blogging.

So let’s see what is e-blog, how to start a blog writing and how does blogging work. Folks, blog is a sort of website. The difference is just that the bloggers have to write 1-2 post daily, whereas no such restrictions lie in the case of a website. People share their knowledge about the topics of their interest. Thus they share their thoughts with the help of internet.

For example,

  1. Some people are expert in cooking vegetarian and non- vegetarian food. Some of them have expertise in vegetarian food, while others know non-vegetarian cuisine well. Thus they share their recipes with the help of blog, to motivate viewers to cook delicious cuisines. 
  2. Some people are fond of travelling, and thus they write about various places. Thus readers get a vivid description about those tourist spots. Although you may not be an expert on any topic, but i shall suggest you a trick to write awesome blogs. Later, I will detail you about the trick and how would the viewers come to the post and get benefited from it.

There are plenty ways to earn from blog. You may write a review about any product, in your blog. You may even sell the product of any company, by joining their affiliate program. You may put up advertisement on your blog. You may also earn with the help of Google AdSense. And there are plenty more other ways by which you’ll be able to earn from your blog. I shall explain all of them in details, later.

Also i request you to subscribe to my free newsletter. Fill the E-mail sign up form given at the sidebar of this page using your daily use email. Thus whenever i would update my blog in future, you will get a message in your inbox. Also i keep sending fantastic gifts to my new subscribers, which would prove beneficial while learning digital marketing. They may include logo design files, tools related to digital marketing & blogging, etc.

Also i would explain you about those tools which are very necessary for earning through blogs. Very few bloggers would share these information with you. I hope that you must have got at least some understanding of the topic whatever i explained you till now. I assure you that whosoever follows my instructions step-by-step will be able to write awesome blogs. Be it a chap from class IVth. Also you will be able to earn quite a decent amount from it. But i don’t guarantee anything! Because until your writing and content is really attractive, you won’t be able to earn through blogs. But if you work hard with all your efforts, you shall definitely succeed

So let's start learning step by step, What Is E Blog & How To Start A Blog Writing.

We will see a detailed answer to all the above-mentioned questions. Thus you will definitely understand What Is E Blog & How To Start A Blog Writing, by the end of this post.

  • How to and on which topic, the blog is to be written?
  • What should be the domain name?
  • How to buy a domain name?
  • Where to host your blog?
  • Which is the best platform to start your blog?
  • How to connect your domain name and hosting?
  • Which points to be considered to make your blog attractive? 
  • Essential Plugins
  • How to write your first post?

How To Start Blog & write on which topic?

So for this, we have to think about what blog can be written for and on which topics / Niche and for what reasons. Like below I have given some reasons to start a blog. With that you will get an idea that What Is E Blog & How To Start A Blog Writing. We will see later on how to make a blog on which topic. And let’s see what to take care of before writing a blog. So that How To Start A Blog Writing can understand you properly.

There can be many reasons for writing a blog.s, such as,

  • To earn money.
  • To gain popularity.
  • To share one’s knowledge. 
  • To write about famous and popular people.
  • Information about various tourist destinations.
  • Review of various products, etc.

For better understanding Here are some examples of blog topics.

Blog Topics / Niche

  • For example:- 

    • health 
    • recipes
    • latest mobiles 
    • best WordPress themes
    • yoga
    • travel
    • movie review
    • product review, etc

Prior writing a blog, we must first do a proper research on the same. Its important to know that whether others also like the same topic. If they don’t want to know about the topic, then all efforts will go in vain and the blog would be of no use. Thus it’s important to know about the preference of general public. It’s also important that whether we have a liking for the topic or not.

How can we know people are interested in Which subject.

Now its a matter of concern as to discover that whether other people are also interested in the topics of our choice. Its very simple. Below , I’m suggesting few websites with the help of which you will get to know about the topics for your blog and the trend in the market. For this we just need to answer their questions one by one. Thus our blog is ready!!

So isn’t is quite easy. Below, I am suggesting you few important websites which will give you an idea about the topics for your blog. The first website in our list is,

Keywords everywhere:-

It is a google chrome extension which you can install into your google chrome or firefox browser. It’s one of the best tool for keyword research. I hereby declare you that neither I’m promoting this product ,nor am i getting any commission for it. It’s a popular tool and I like it very much. I suggest this for keyword ideas.

ब्लॉग शुरू करने के मंच। ब्लॉग कौन से विषय पर लिखें। डोमेन नेम क्या होना चाहिए। डोमेन नेम कैसे खरीदें। अपनी ब्लॉग की मेजबानी कहां से करें- होस्टिंग अपने डोमेन नेम और होस्टिंग को कैसे जोड़े ब्लॉक को आकर्षक बनाने के लिए कौन-कौन सी बातो पर ध्यान देना चाहिये। पहली पोस्ट कैसे लिखें

Unfortunately, this has become a paid tool now. You may use Ubersuggest for searching good keywords. You may use this paid tool to check the trending topics which people are searching. Now amongst those, check for the topic in which you have good experience. People are typing those keywords in search bar of google search engine to get information.

You will also get detailed information about many topics which would be useful while writing blogs. The words that people type in search bar to get some information, are called keywords. Using this extension, you will get to know about the keywords that people are typing to gain desired information.  You just need to search various topics on Google search bar.

This will help you understand the topic on which you wish to make the blog. Also you shall get other important information like number of keywords, competition, cost per click, etc. To understand more about using this Google Chrome extension and keyword research, check the video given below.


Now you’ve got one more website, which is called strong potential, which displays long keywords such that you can easily tackle your topics. You’d also get sub-topics of those topics. A long keyword is actually a sentence made of two, three or more words. For example:- Learn about making money online, How to create online blogs, Online speaking course, etc. With the help of these, you may write on the topic of your choice.


Habaspota is another such website which help you to search the keyword ideas and topics of your choice. This website is user-friendly and you would easily get new keywords, topics and ideas here.


This is also an amazing website. You can easily use it to search topics for your blog. You just need to write your topic and the website will search for all questions related to your topic and show it to you!  Keyword Everywhere is already installed in your browser, thus you would automatically get important information about per click keyword, competition, total cost, etc. For example:- check the screenshot given below, thus you will understand about the important information that you’ll get, and that too free!

ब्लॉग शुरू करने के मंच। ब्लॉग कौन से विषय पर लिखें। डोमेन नेम क्या होना चाहिए। डोमेन नेम कैसे खरीदें। अपनी ब्लॉग की मेजबानी कहां से करें- होस्टिंग अपने डोमेन नेम और होस्टिंग को कैसे जोड़े ब्लॉक को आकर्षक बनाने के लिए कौन-कौन सी बातो पर ध्यान देना चाहिये। पहली पोस्ट कैसे लिखें
ब्लॉग शुरू करने के मंच। ब्लॉग कौन से विषय पर लिखें। डोमेन नेम क्या होना चाहिए। डोमेन नेम कैसे खरीदें। अपनी ब्लॉग की मेजबानी कहां से करें- होस्टिंग अपने डोमेन नेम और होस्टिंग को कैसे जोड़े ब्लॉक को आकर्षक बनाने के लिए कौन-कौन सी बातो पर ध्यान देना चाहिये। पहली पोस्ट कैसे लिखें

Google Trends

In the above three websites, you will get information and keywords related to your blog’s topic. And at last you must check about those keywords on google trends, to check about the trending ones. This will save your time. Google Trends is our last and the most important website.

From the above three websites, the collected keywords will suggest us the trend of particular topic. To understand better, watch the video given below. This will help you in writing your blog.

To see Advance Keyword Research, and the top keywords of your competitors, you can use this tremendous tool SEMrush. And within a few days, your website can be ranked in a better position than your competitor’s website. By clicking on this Special Link, you can take 7 days free trial, in these 7 days, you can extract a lot of information from your competitors with the help of this tool.

This is the identity of your blog. This is a sort of address of your website/ blog. Whenever we write a blog on any topic, the domain name of our blog should match with the topic, so that people get information about the blog

They won’t face any problem, and easily search for the blog. They will easily get the shared information. And the most important thing is that the domain name must be easy to pronounce and remember.

  1. Easy to pronounce.
  2. Easy to remember.
  3. It’d be better if it’s made of common and popular words.
  4. Must be of least number of words. Neglect the names with more than 15 words.
  5. The domain name should be meaningful.
  6. Give preference to .com. Else use the country’s extension.
  7. The domain name must suggest the topic of your blog.

I give examples of few domain names to make you understand better.

For example:- If you are writing your blog on health, then health word should come in your domain name. healthdoctor.com, healthmantra.com, healthandwellness.com, etc.

If you’re writing a blog on dog training, then word ‘dog training’ must be included in the domain name. dogtraining.com, bestdogtraining.com, etc.

If you are writing a blog on recipes, then your domain name must contain word ‘recipe’. bestrecipes.com, nonvegrecipes.com, etc.

But yes, this is not necessary.But this will help you in SEO.

Extensions of domain names:-

Domain name has various extensions, like.

  • .com
  • .co
  • .in
  • .net. and much more.

But .com is most popular amongst them, and is easy to type it on the keyboard. You just have to type ctrl+enter key after the domain name, .com will automatically type in browser. Else you may use extensions based on your preferred country. It’s totally of your choice. But if you follow it, one more seo factor of your blog will improve. Also the chances of free organic traffic on your website will increase. Thus your blog will get more viewers and your income will increase, Like.

for India                 – .in 

for Russia              – .ru

for United Kingdom(UK)   – .uk, etc.

There are many websites available for buying domain name. You may buy it from any of the websites given below. You may check the domain name suggestions on your topic by clicking here. Buy the name which suits you and is matching with your topic. These two are the most popular domain selling websites. I’m offering you special discount links for the two websites, where you would get the domain name at cheaper and discounted price.

  1. namecheap
  2. Siteground

To start a blog writing, keep away from cheap & local hosting sellers. I too suffered heavy loss by doing similar mistakes in my early days. They may cheat your money anytime. Under their hosting, the website is down for half to one hour. Thus your ranking on search engine will fall. And the website speed is unimaginable.

I suggest you few websites whose customer support is fantastic. They also offer a 30 days money back guarantee. They have good name in hosting world. Below the link that i had suggested is a special discount link. It will open a direct special discount page, and you would get cheaper hosting.

Best Hosting Provider

  1. Siteground
  2. Namecheap

I myself bought the domain & hosting from these websites, and I’m satisfied with their services.


Also I’m offering 300+ transparent logo design pack free to all my students, which would otherwise cost more than ₹10000. If you search for Logo design on websites like fiverr and freelancer, they may charge at least $5 to $100 for a single logo. And i’m offering 300+ logo design for free.

 Note :-

This OFFER is just for first 50 people. Later you won’t see any such offer on this page. If you’ve planned to buy hosting, then it’s a golden opportunity to avail double bonus offer.

After buying you need to interconnect the domain name & hosting. If you bought your domain from Namecheap and hosting from Siteground then you need to change the name servers from your Namecheap.com account. You Would get this name servers from Siteground.com. I have provided a few screenshots & video links

for your convenience. This will help you interconnect your domain name & hosting.

ब्लॉग क्या है? ब्लॉग कैसे लिखे। ब्लॉग टॉपिक कैसे खोजें। और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात कि ब्लॉग से राजस्व कैसे उत्पन्न कर सकते हैं, इत्यदि?
ब्लॉग क्या है? ब्लॉग कैसे लिखे। ब्लॉग टॉपिक कैसे खोजें। और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात कि ब्लॉग से राजस्व कैसे उत्पन्न कर सकते हैं, इत्यदि?

You can also watch this video

How To Install WordPress

As soon as your domain & hosting gets interconnected, install wordpress and go to the dashboard. Go to → Appearance and choose theme option. Set a calm topic and feel free to write your blog. Check the video below to know about installing wordpress.

About 37% of the websites in the world are made on wordpress. Thus we will install wordpress, and as said earlier it’s really easy to use. We may design our website/ blog as per our choice. You will get plenty free themes & plugins on wordpress. Also I will offer premium themes & plugins at discounted rate. Contact me for futher information.

To make a blog attractive, what should be the focus?

You need to install an attractive theme to make your website beautiful & fast. Also you have to install few important plugins. There are thousands of themes & plugins available, but i suggest you light, super fast themes & selective plugins, which is important for blogs. There are thousands of themes available, but I would suggest just one theme, which is being used by every top blogger.

I myself am using this theme for its high speed and compact size. The speed of a website is a major factor for ranking it on Google. Due to this, I am suggesting this theme. You can download a free edition of this theme by clicking the link given below. 

Optimize Press Light & High-Speed Theme

ब्लॉग क्या है? ब्लॉग कैसे लिखे। ब्लॉग टॉपिक कैसे खोजें। और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात कि ब्लॉग से राजस्व कैसे उत्पन्न कर सकते हैं,
ब्लॉग क्या है? ब्लॉग कैसे लिखे। ब्लॉग टॉपिक कैसे खोजें। और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात कि ब्लॉग से राजस्व कैसे उत्पन्न कर सकते हैं,

These are the important plugins in. You may check this by clicking the plugins option in the dashboard, and then clicking on add new. Then search the plugin name below and install. What Is E Blog & How To Start A Blog Writing

  1. Contact Form 7 – By Takayuki Miyoshi
  2. Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades – By Chris Jean
  3. Hide Title – By Dojo Digital
  4. Insert Headers and Footers – By WPBeginner
  5. Yoast SEO – By Team Yoast
  6. Jetpack – By WordPress.com
  7. W3 Total Cache –  By Frederick Townes

Now you are ready to write the first post for ‘To Start A Blog Writing’. In the previous pages, we learnt about searching topic of blog, keywords of blog etc. Now you need to choose such a topic of your expertise, for which you can talk for 2-3 hrs. Now pick up a paper-pen and write down every point related to your topic, in detail. like.. 

  1. every small questions related to your topic
  2. and their answers
  3. its pros
  4. its  cons
  5.  ways to get rid of those cons
  6.  comparative information
  7.  your suggestions for the same, etc.

The keywords that you had searched while writing your blog, must be kept as per SEO. Thus when someone searches for information on the topic on the internet, then your blogs appear on top. Post publish your blog after this, But if you have not read this post of mine, then definitely read it. So that you will not have any problem in writing the first post.

How to advertise on blog?

If you follow all the above explained points religiously, you will get huge traffic on your blog. Thus you will earn good amount of money by monetizing your blog. This is a vast topic and I shall explain it in details. Meanwhile i suggest you few websites, which will monetize your blog and advertise on your blog. This will help you earn income from your blog. 

  1. GoogleAdSense
  2. Infolinks
  3. Adblade
  4. adhitz
  5. Adcash
  6. Medianet
  7. PropellerAds
  8. Chitika
  9. Conversant
  10. Buysellads
  11. Advertising

How To Drive Traffic To Blog Pos

As soon as your blog gets monetized, then your next target must be to draw maximum viewers on your website. We need to share the blog link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Also, we need to search for question-answer forums like quora. They may have questions related to our topic. Now answer those questions and your blog will start getting traffic.

You may try some other ways too.

Also if your topic is such that you can make youtube videos on it, then try making it. Also add your blog link on the video’s description, so that the viewers get redirected to your blog. Thus you can bring huge traffic on your blog.

There are many other ways to drive traffic on your website. You can use paid advertisement on platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest and google paid ads to bring traffic on your website. I shall explain you later about these methods to help you drive traffic on your website. To understand it in more detail, read this post and keep it bookmarked and try to implement it simultaneously.

  1. SEO.
  2. Social media
  3. Question-Answer forum
  4. Paid advertisement, etc.

How To Sell Affiliate Product On Blog?

Affiliate program means selling one company’s products with the help of our blog. The company pays some commission in return. And selling affiliate products through blogging is quite easy. It’s possible that the products related to our topic are being sold in the market. Thus we need to search for such products which are running affiliate programs. 

After searching, we need to join their affiliate program. For example, consider websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, Jvzooo & Admited , etc. Mostly all sorts of products are being sold in these platforms. You just need to search for your blog related products and write their reviews. If 2-3 websites are selling similar products, you would write a comparative review of those products.

If the viewers wish to buy the product after reading your blog, they will definitely click the given link. On clicking the link, they get redirected to that website where the product is being sold. If he buys the product from that website, the company will give a commission amount in return.

If you wish to sell affiliate products through your blog,

Search for websites that run affiliate programs and join those programs. Later, I shall write a blog on affiliate program running companies,in detail. what is e blog and how to start a blog writing? How to search for blog topic and How to write a blog for money? Hope you’ve cleared such queries. Later I shall write about blogging and other online opportunities. 

Still if you have any doubt, do drop a comment in the comment box below or contact us by clicking here

Congratulations …..

You have got basic knowledge about blog and topics for blog writing. You have not only learnt about blog writing, but also bringing traffic and earning through your blog. You have become capable enough to write your own blog. Do post a blog of at least 1000-2000 words every 2-3 days.

If you write blogs of more than 5000 words, then the duration may exceed to 1 week. This must continue, so that your website keeps ranking in Google. I shall keep you updated about this topic and other opportunities through email. Do subscribe to my Email subscription so that i notify you about every new post.


May you have a prosperous day ahead. My best wishes.🙂

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