Guest Posting Sites & Post Service For SEO - Ultimate Guide

In a layman’s language, the guest posting sites service is all about writing and publishing articles on the guest post website of others as a guest. It is also known as guest blogging and can become a good source of earning as well.

Effective Guest post service helps in generating targeted visitors to your own web site in addition to powerful backlinks which surely improve your Google rankings significantly.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a system of writing articles for another person’s blogs so that a link back to their site increases traffic through a Google search. Backlinks increase the overall ranking of a blog because the search algorithms of Google SEO give a very high weightage to links. Guest blogging or guest posting also taps into the audience of other blogs for additional traffic thereby ensuring popularity among the target audience.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Here are some of the key benefits of guest posting

  1. You get instant access to the traffic of other blogs.
  2. More opportunities for cross-promotion
  3. Improves network in the same niche
  4. Improves your reach via social media
  5. Increases popularity in social media with more followers, likes, comments, retweets etc.
  6. Improves your online presence
  7. Backlinking is your reward for guest posting, if not money. Even one backlink from a top blog could be worth it.
  8. The awareness of your personal brand increases
  9. Lead generation and more inquiries for marketing related blogs
  10. Acts as a catalyst in the selling process
  11. Provides valuable feedback through comments
  12. A part of your content marketing strategy with long term benefits

Dos and Don’ts of guest posting


  • Look before you leap. Read a few posts in the target blog to get an idea and make sure you are supplementing and not opposing the basic ideas
  • Comment and engage with the target blog to develop a long term and win-win relationship
  • Do some research and come up with a strong title of your content which matches with your content.
  • Use more screenshots, images, tables, flowcharts, etc. to make it look authentic
  • Use content from your core expertise and skills to guide others


  • Don’t ever copy or rewrite articles, otherwise, you may be banned forever
  • Don’t write about a topic about which too much has already been written
  • Don’t overdo the linking thing. If you try to hard-sell, you are a strict no.
  • Don’t forward the same copy of your post to other blogs, even if you are the one who wrote it. 

How guest posting helps SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works on the basic principle of page ranking. The higher the page rank is, the higher up it is likely to be listed on the search engines. But how do we improve the rank? All the search engines never share their secret recipe of ranking. But, with experience, people have developed strategies that work. Guest posting is one of those strategies.

Here, it is generally seen that if a page on the internet has been linked to many other places, it must be an important page. Search engines work on this basic principle and also use many other algorithms to rank the pages so that people don’t misuse and don’t increase the rank just by creating fake links. Guest post backlinks are genuine and are worth the effort. It is a type of networking with win-win results. Both the blogs gain from guest posting.

According to Google’s guidelines on search engines, guest blogging and SEO go hand in hand. If we publish useful content on high quality and relevant sites, it significantly increases the ranking position. The increased traffic is a bye-product because people tend to click the pages which are highly ranked and appear in search advertising based on relevance and usefulness.

How to spot low-quality guest posting sites

An experienced guest posting blogger can spot a low-quality post from a distance. Such sites bleed with negativity and are obsessed with self-promotion.

  • The content is either copied or rewritten
  • It tries to hard sell
  • It is not properly formatted and looks unprofessional
  • It does not use images, and charts to explain.
  • Too many backlinks
  • More of a self-promotion
  • The post is not your core skill area and is writing only for money or traffic generation
  • It is against the basic ideas and philosophy of the blog site
  • The post is having grammar and spelling errors.
  • The title does not correspond to the content of the article
  • The same topic has been covered by other bloggers and you are telling the same thing in different words.

A Step by Step guide on how to do it

Step 1: Find a site that needs guest posting service

First of all, In order to start guest posting blogs, you need to find guest posting sites service website or guest posting blogs where you can post your articles. There are a number of ways and techniques to find such guest posting sites and here is a brief description of how to go about it.

  • Use Google Search to find guest posting sites

Guest Posting Sites & Guest Post Service For SEO

Whenever we get into a problem, Google is there to help us to solve it. Google Search could be your first starting point. Try using a different combination of words with guest posting as the central search string. Some examples are a combination of your niche keyword plus one of these ‘DJ’ + ‘guest article’, ‘write for us’, ‘guest for opportunities’, ‘guest posts wanted’, ‘guest column’, etc. Try as many variations as possible until you get the desired results for guest posting sites service.

Here is The List of Top Search Strings to Find Related Guest Posting Websites Sites / Services in  Search Engines. 

“Guest Posting Sites”
“Guest Posting Sites List”
“Free Guest Posting Sites List”
“Blogs that accept Guest posting”
“List of guest posting sites”
“Write to us” Or “Write for us”
“Guest Posting”
“Guest blogging”
“Guest blogging Sites”
“Contribute to our site”
“Blogging Sites”
“Guest Post”
“Guest Article Sites List”
“Blogs for guest posting”
“Guest posts wanted”
“Become guest blogger”

For Categories Search – Add category name along with a query

“Write for us” Technology
“Technology blogs that accept guest posting”
“Marketing blogs that accept guest posting”
“Finance blogs that accept guest posting”
“Tech Guest posting sites”
“Marketing Guest posting Sites”
“Finance Guest blogging Sites”

  • Use images in a different way to find guest posting sites

Guest Posting Sites & Guest Post Service For SEO

Initially, you need to shortlist a writer who is an authority in guest posting service in your select area. E.g. Mr. XYZ could be a great writer in the field of guest posting for SEO in your niche say ‘marketing’. Go to his/her author bio and take a screenshot or copy the URL. Now go to the image search option of Google and paste the URL or the image file. You will instantly get all the places where he/she has contributed with his posting sites service for SEO articles.

  • Twitter for guest posting service

Guest Posting Sites & Guest Post Service For SEO

This is one of my favorites. It is even more powerful than Google search. Go to twitter search and type out your keyword followed by some of the combinations suggested above. E.g. ‘DJ guest post wanted’ or ‘DJ write for us’ etc.

  • Your competitors on guest posting sites

Guest Posting Sites & Guest Post Service For SEO

Your competitors are also a source of good information, especially their backlinks. You can use a site like and type the URL of a popular website of a competitor in your niche area. E.g. You will get numerous backlinks on any site and many of them will be related to guest posting on blogs. This includes the links to guest post websites that are not actively advertising for guest blogging.

  •  Best Blogs in guest posting service

Guest Posting Sites & Guest Post Service For SEO

If you are still searching, you wished if you had a website that could list all the best available guest posting blogs in one place. You are lucky to hear that it does exist. Simply go to and search for your niche area e.g. DJ. You will get a list of famous guest posting blogs in that field. You may not write a guest post submitted on each of these sites, but with some hard work, you can find some guest posting blogs that need guest posting sites service blog posts. 

  • Mining of comments for discovering guest posting sites

Guest Posting Sites & Guest Post Service For SEO

The comments are a goldmine of such guest posting blog sites. You just need to use this advanced search technique. You may like to skip this option if you have never written a blog post for guest post websites ever. This is how it works. Reply to the persons who have already commented on your blog like this.

“, Thanks for taking the time to comment on my guest post at . I never thought of the fact that . That’s a good point. Anyway, I actually have another guest post idea that would be perfect for your site. It is called: . I could have it sent to you this week. Either way, thanks again for your insights! Best, ”

With this simple email template, you can get a wonderful opportunity from a guest post website that is not actively looking for a guest post. This is going to work because he/she took the time to write a comment because he/she liked the article and is going to like it again.

  • Readymade lunch in guest posting service

Guest Posting Sites & Guest Post Service For SEO

Yes. You don’t need to cook lunch if its already made for you. There a number of lists available on the internet prepared by other users. You can find such lists on google or comment here and we will help you with some links. A number of lists are given at the end of this article to help yourself. Each of those links has more than a hundred addresses of guest posting sites. This is going to be very helpful at the beginning of your career or even in the advanced stages.

Step 2: Warming up for posting sites

You have shortlisted potential guest posting blogs and guest posting sites. Now you need to choose the ones which match your goals. Here a few tips or strategies to go ahead.

  1. Separate the good ones from the normal ones. Are they really worth it? They should preferably be smaller and less popular. 
  2. Use social media to popularise yourself.
  3. Give thoughtful and useful comments on guest posting on blogs.
  4. Send comments by email.
  5. Read the guest posting submit of other authors.
  6. Read specific guidelines available as guest posting guidelines.

Step 3: Soft Sell for guest posting service

In order to make yourself heard loud enough, you need to pitch yourself. Sending a generic request is suicidal. Had you been at their place, you must have deleted such useless proposals immediately. We need to pitch with a specific goal.

  1. Talk about their site and be specific.
  2. Keep it short and simple.
  3. Give them 2-3 topic options to make their job easier.
  4. Don’t hard-sell. Soft selling is courteous and less intrusive with chances of high success rates.
  5. Slightly touch your experience and work published elsewhere.

Step 4: Write your masterpiece in guest posting sites

Segment your clients in 2 groups

  1. Top Priority guest posting sites – Top 10 guest posting websites which you value the most.

The content for these guest posting sites service should be similar to or better than the blog of yours.  The content should be so appealing that makes the owners running to hit the publish button. You should make the content that is just outlandish and a creative piece of art. These top 10 sites remain at that position because of quality content and you are going to add to it. Try to include relevant visuals, screenshots, flowcharts etc. which add value to your post on guest posting for SEO. You can also create some links to other posts on the blog.

  1. All other guest posting sites – For these guest posting sites service also, we need to add enough juice. But they are the second priority. So, the efforts are equally proportionate. The content is not as good as above, but it must add some value to these guest post websites, as they are on your watchlist.

Step Five – Keep Monitoring guest posting sites

  1. Follow up comments on guest posting sites – The comments of readers are a goldmine of feedback. You must respond to those comments with your feedback and eagerness. Give enough thought and time to reply. 
  2. Use social media for guest posting service – In the modern world, Social media is one of the best ways of promoting your content on guest post submit articles. It is a win-win situation for everyone, as others gain by knowing your thoughts and increasing the traffic in the process.
  3. Thank you notes for guest posting service – You must do it for at least the top priority guest posting sites. It helps you in being different. Instead of abandoning or burning the bridges, you are keeping them in good shape for re-use later one.
  4. Reply to get more references in guest posting service – As we mentioned earlier, ask for a guest post submitted on some important comments with your email template.
  5. Bonus technique for guest posting service– Try giving a newsletter, e-book or video to the persons giving comments as a bonus. You could also create a bonus reading section for those who read your guest post submit.
  6. Infographics in guest posting sites– Use infographics in your posts on guest posting blogs. It is a very effective strategy in building a grip.
  7. Marketing with your bio on guest posting sites– Your author bio is a very effective tool in selling the brand ‘You’. A boring bio repels many visitors. Try to make it as interesting as possible. 

Doing it practically

  • How to increase the traffic on your site? 
  • How to create a high quality do follow backlink? 
  • How to do guest post submit for free?

Before proceeding further, make sure that content is 100% unique. It should not be copied or rewritten.  otherwise, your account may be blocked forever. The guest post submissions are approved by the web admins. Even if the guest post submissions are approved but were copied or rewritten, they will be blocked in 1-2 days.

Here are two guest posting sites service where you can guest post submit for free and create backlinks that would increase the traffic.


Free membership can be taken by registering on their guest posting website. After login, you can create a new post. Use featured image, add a few tags, a few backlinks. For adding a backlink, copy the URL of your own site or blog. You should make from two to three backlinks maximum. Also, check that these are not no-follow backlinks. They should be do-follow backlinks. Click submit for review for what you have created. You will also get traffic on your site or blog due to these backlinks.


Register on this guest posting site with Google or Facebook or by creating a new account with the signup process. Verify the link received by you on the email address mentioned during the sign-up. Add a new post, thumbnails and then preview the post before publishing. It will show both the options of mobile mode and the desktop mode. Make sure to check the alignments in both the modes. Then submit the guest post and publish the article.

Important points to keep in mind

  • Do it professionally. Put title images paragraphs etc in separate blocks. Use numbered lists and bullets. 
  • There should be no copyright issues in the images submitted in the post. Otherwise, you need to mention source credit along with each of those screenshots.
  • Check the DA, PA, Span-score to track your progress.
  • Keep exploring these guest posting sites for discovering new settings to finetune your guest post submissions.
  • Never post articles that are copied or rewritten in any form. The admins are working on this day and night and are pretty skilled in finding out such fake articles. Once you are caught, the guest posting submission will be immediately removed and your account will be blocked forever. You may not even open a new account as they link the old suspended account to the newly created account easily with the help of software.


Check the following screenshots to understand the process of the guest post submitted on the above-mentione guest posting website i.e.








Hopefully, you will have received important information in detail about guest posting sites service & what is the guest posting, how it is beneficial for you. If you have got value from this post, then please comment as well. If you have some questions, then also ask us that. I’ll keep this list updated time to time, and if you found I forget something, Feel free to point out.

Also, read this post it’s the best ultimate guide of 33 steps, to increase website traffic and SEO score.

Thank You

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