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best extensions for chrome

In this post we will see some most important Google Chrome extensions for blogging and Digital Marketing So let’s move on to the list:

  • Price: Free
  • Chrome extension
  • Category: Productivity

In addition to checking spelling and grammar, it also provides many useful tools to improve your writing style.

Key Features:

  1. It works everywhere you type. You can find it helping you in windows, MS office applications, Gmail, browser, Twitter, Facebook, Google docs, Linkedin, Word press, etc. It gives you overall feedback to correct your writing.
  2. The app also helps in refining the tone of your writing and suggests you to make changes as per your goals. You can be formal or official or friendly etc.
  3. You can check spelling, grammar mistakes, sentence formation errors, punctuation, wordy sentences, etc.
  4. You get suggestions as you type to guide you continuously
  5. It is very useful for students, bloggers, writers, professionals, and almost anybody.
  6. The premium and business versions provide many useful features like choice of words, tone, plagiarism, etc.

Screenshot 1: Click to download from the Chrome web store.

Screenshot 2: This is the official app page of Grammarly extension

Screenshot 3: You can log in with your Facebook or Google account or sign up a new account

Screenshot 4: For premium features, you can subscribe to Premium or business account for $11.66 minimum per month.

Screenshot 5: You can type or paste the content to check grammar or spelling mistakes.

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Developer Tools

SEO Quake is a tool to provide key metrics required for search engine optimization along with useful tools like SEO Audit.

Key Features

  1. You can review all the metrics instantly (SCREEN 6)
  2. Review SEO statistics of any web site (SCREEN 4)
  3. SEO Audit of any web page with a bonus of checking mobile compatibility (SCREEN 5)
  4. See the analysis of SERPs and export in CSV format
  5. Social media statistics for Facebook and Google plus etc.
  6. Compare website addresses (SCREEN 7)
  7. Find out difficulty level of any keyword
  8. Design a search query
  9. Create a custom set with a number of default parameters
  10. A report on links
  11. Stop word lists (SCREEN 8)
  12. Keyword density report (SCREEN 9)

SCREEN 1. Click Here You will see a screen as shown below.

SCREEN.2. On the next screen, click “Add extension”. It will be shown on the top right of the Chrome Browser.

SCREEN 3. You will see a greetings screen

SCREEN 4. Click Next and finish. Now open any site you want to review. See the statistics. There is a complete guide available to download. You also get tips on how to use the site.

SCREEN 5. Here is an SEO Audit report for a sample web site

SCREEN 6: The moment you open a web site, you see instant metrics on a toolbar.

SCREEN 7: You can compare any number of websites by mentioning their address. The report can also be saved in a CSV format

SCREEN 8: By clicking on ‘configure stop word list’, you can customize stop words. You can enter words to exclude or include.

SCREEN 9: Keyword density report of a web site

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Productivity

 It is a very useful extension to take full-page screenshots and video recording which is also useful for training or studies.

Key Features

  1. You can take a screenshot or video of whatever you do
  2. You can capture a web page or a part of it.
  3. Add comments and annotate with circles, lines, arrows, etc. and hide confidential or unwanted parts
  4. While capturing you can scroll so that the pages longer than the screen can also be fully captured.
  5. The screenshots are saved to a web site (awesomescreenshots.com) by default
  6. Share your captures with a single click.
  7. Desktop capture is free
  8. Earlier some premium features were paid. Now they are free.
  9. It works offline also. No live Internet required.
  10. Compatible to google drive
  11. Please note that for recording more than 30-second video, You need to upgrade

SCREENSHOT 1: Click to add to chrome

SCREENSHOT 2: Click on the icon and you get all the options

SCREENSHOT 3: This is the recording mode

SCREENSHOT 4: Here you get many options to customize as per your preferences.

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Developer Tool

 It is a tool to select a color value from a web site. It is also known as an eye-dropper and color-picker tool.

 Key Features

  1. It helps in the instant color collection.

  2. The tool samples a color from any image for using it further

  3. To be more accurate than a mouse selection, you can use arrow keys to pick the exact color and click enter to select.

  4. If you pick a color from a screenshot, it will work only if you update by scrolling.

  5. There is a mobile or tablet app version to copy colors from screenshots or images on the mobile.

  6. It is a fast and simple eyedropper tool with zoomed draggable preview in order to fine-tune your selections

  7. It may not work at some zoom levels

SCREENSHOT 1: Click to add.

SCREENSHOT 2: See the icon on the top right side. Click the icon to start. Notice that we have put the cursor at the airplane and the required color is there.

SCREENSHOT 3: Cl Once you select it, you get the RGB code and the exact color

SCREENSHOT 4: Here, we have the options page

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Social & Communication

 You can instantly share content on a web site through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

 Key Features

  1. You can instantly share to social media sites from literally any place on the web
  2. You can schedule the sharing of selected content
  3. You need not save content anywhere and can directly share it to your favorite social media program. The articles will be posted in front of you on a real-time basis
  4. Future scheduling lets you queue your shareable content. The extension takes care of it when you are sleeping or doing anything else.
  5. It shows true integration capabilities and works directly from the website. You have the option to enable integration.
  6. The share image option lets you share images smoothly. You can disable the button if you want
  7. Buffer.com provides you a detailed guide with many features

SCREENSHOT 1: You can install it from the chrome store.

SCREENSHOT 2: The moment you install the extension, It takes you to buffer.com with a usage guide.

SCREENSHOT 3: On clicking the extension, you get main Social media sharing options like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

6. Stay Focused

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Productivity

 It limits the amount of time you spend on web sites which may be considered by you as a waste of time.

Key Features:

  1. It improves your productivity by creating a sense of discipline by forcing you to spend a limited amount of time on any or all websites as per your settings.

  2. The best part is that it blocks the site for the rest of the day if the allotted time has been completely exhausted.

  3. The tool lets you customize your self imposed discipline to a very high level in terms of a specific site, domain, page or content of a page.

  4. The advanced settings options lets you maintain blocked sites allowed sites, import or export settings, active hours, daily reset time, etc.

  5. It is a free extension, but you can donate $10 if you really like the work.

SCREENSHOT 1: Here is your Chrome extension

SCREENSHOT 2: After opening a website, click the icon and you get the option to block the site after 10 minutes.

SCREENSHOT 3: Here are the advanced options to customize as per your requirements.

SCREENSHOT 4: If you want to customize the self- discipline, there are a host of settings to do the job.

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Search Tool

 It is an excellent tool to search email addresses on any web site with a single click.

 Key Features

  1. You can immediately get a list of email addresses on a web site.
  2. You will also get the Name, Job Title, Social Network details and phone numbers available in the public domain. The information is more useful than just having the email address
  3. You will get all the addresses in a domain with filters on departments etc.
  4. The email addresses are given along with confidence scores and are marked verified or not.
  5. If you the name of the person, you can search by name.
  6. You can save the addresses and keep on adding up to the list and the lists are compatible with salesforce, Zoho and similar CRM
  7. It is very useful for marketing people, recruiters, sales teams, bloggers, etc.
  8. Please note that only the first 50 searches are free of cost in a month and after that, you need to upgrade

SCREENSHOT 1: Start Here

SCREENSHOT 2: Before you start to use it, you need to create a free account with your work mail address.

SCREENSHOT 3: After you provide your work credentials, you get 50 free searches per month.

SCREENSHOT 4: Now, it is installed and ready to use

SCREENSHOT 5: And all the email IDs are at your disposal.

SCREENSHOT 6: 2 of 50 already used.

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Developer Tools

 You can find the details of website traffic and key metrics of any web site with this extension

 Key Features

  1. It provided an in-depth analysis of web traffic at a single place. It includes popularity, sources of traffic,
  2. Find out the rank on a global or country-level in the category of the web site
  3. You can see reports of visits over a period of time, bounce rates, monthly visits, average visits, etc.
  4. The details can be categorized as per geographical spread
  5. The source of traffic can be known as email, referrals, social media or display advertisements.
  6. You can get an overview of different sources of traffic
  7. All the information can be seen in the browser toolbar
  8. The tool helps you in getting better insights about a web site to expand your knowledge of digital trends

SCREENSHOT 1: Download the extension from Chrome

SCREENSHOT 2: Once you install, it takes you to the website.

SCREENSHOT 3: More insights about the web site.

SCREENSHOT 4: Bounce rate, visits, and geographical data

SCREENSHOT 5:Traffic source wise data

SCREENSHOT 6: Get a Pro version by upgrading here.

9. Font Finder

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Developer Tool

 It is a font checker to get Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) of the required element

 Key Features

  1. It is a useful tool for designers and developers. They can analyze the information related to fonts on a website with regards to different elements.
  2. Any information can be immediately copied to the clipboard for further use of saving.
  3. Any font can be analyzed in detail. All the information about any element is readily available
  4. These details are easily available by highlighting the font text and right-clicking.
  5. You can capture details of different elements like color, BG color, family, size, height, spacing, weight, decoration, indent, align, etc. and almost any element you can think of
  6. Active elements of a font can have any piece of font options adjusted inline.

SCREENSHOT 1: Click at the required place to add the extension to Chrome Browser

SCREENSHOT 2: You need to enable once. Then by rolling over the mouse, will give you the font information.

SCREENSHOT 3: This is the kind of detailed information that you get

SCREENSHOT 4: After you highlight and right-click, you can see the font finder option with a sub-menu.

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Productivity

 It is a forever free mail tracking tool and with a popular cum special feature for adding double check marks like WhatsApp.

 Key Features

  1. First of all, you can check when your email is opened by the recipient.
  2. It is also an extension for Gmail where you can track if the mail is read or not.
  3. You can track mail and also get a read receipt
  4. Double-check mark means the mail has been delivered and read. And single tick mark means that the mail is delivered but still unread.
  5. You can also find how many times an email has been read
  6. The tool comes with free forever guarantee for unlimited email tracking
  7. You don’t need to ask if your recipient has read the mail or not. You get to know it automatically.
  8. With the Pro version, you get some additional features.
  9. The notification and given on a real-time basis. i.e. the moment the email is opened, you get an instant notification.
  10. For Android users, there is a mail tracking add-on for information on the go.

SCREENSHOT 1: Click to get the extension

SCREENSHOT 2: Activity Dashboard provides the necessary details as an overview.

SCREENSHOT 3: Double tick mark feature with details of opening time

SCREENSHOT 4: Real-Time notifications

  • rice: Paid
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Search Tool

 It provides you monthly search volume data for the keywords on more than 15 popular web sites.

Key Features

  1. It is a paid chrome extension to provide you with basic data on keywords and advanced monthly data to paid users.
  2. The data is provided for more than 15 popular web sites like Google, Amazon, Youtube, etc.
  3. It shows related keywords as well as ‘people also search for’ keywords on the right side of Google & Bing.
  4. Two widgets are included namely ‘Youtube search insights’ and ‘Youtube tags’.
  5. You can get monthly search volume data, CPC and compilation data.
  6. The list of more than 15 websites mentioned above are given on their web site keywordsearcheverywhere.com
  7. Earlier a part of it was free, but It has become a paid tool from 1 Oct 2019.
  8. Once you install the extension, you need to sign up.
  9. You need to buy credits to use the paid version.

SCREENSHOT 1: Install the extension from Chrome Store.

SCREENSHOT 2: You need to sign up with your email

SCREENSHOT 3: Here is the pricing plan for the paid version

SCREENSHOT 4: When you click the icon, you get the menu options. You must register to start using it.

SCREENSHOT 5: You get this type of data. Monthly data, CPC, etc are shown to paid users only.

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Productivity

 It is an award-winning tool to manage all your login IDs and passwords for secure access on a computer or mobile.

 Key Features

  1. You need to remember only one master password. The tool logs in on your behalf
  2. It syncs your passwords to all devices like mobile, tablet, PC, Laptop, etc.
  3. It supports multiple browsers and operating systems.
  4. You can also store credit cards, PDF, images, audio, etc. the online stored details are searchable and editable.
  5. You can also generate secure passwords automatically. The data is auto-filled and details can also be shared with family and friends.
  6. You need to install the extension in all the devices to be able to use the ‘Everywhere Access’ feature.
  7. It is an award-winning tool as PCMag Magazine Editors’ Choice award.

SCREENSHOT 1: Download the extension from Chrome Store.

SCREENSHOT 2: You need to click the icon to proceed further.

SCREENSHOT 3: After you click, you get the option of login or creating a new account

SCREENSHOT 4: You can create an account by giving your email address.

SCREENSHOT 5: You will be prompted to create a new strong password.

  • Price: Free
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Search Tools

 It is an all-in-one SEO toolbar for doing the research whenever you need it.

 Key Features

  1. It provides you instant metrics on accessing any webpage or SERP.
  2. You can create a search by country, region, city or search engine.
  3. Find the domain or page authority immediately.
  4. You can unlock additional premium features by subscribing to the pro version.
  5. You can get the keyword difficulty score for any search term
  6. You can get page optimization details and content ideas for any keyword.
  7. You can export the search engine results page (SERP) analysis details to CSV file.
  8. You can expose page elements, mark-up, general attributes, and http status of a page

SCREENSHOT 1: Get the tool from the chrome store.

SCREENSHOT 2: It works by the following shortcut

SCREENSHOT 3: It provides you a toolbar in the browser. And starts the tutorial.

SCREENSHOT 4: These are the settings options.

SCREENSHOT 5: You need to create a free account before using it.

SCREENSHOT 6: You can also take a free 30 day trial of Pro features.

  • Price: Paid
  • Type: Chrome Extension
  • Category: Social & Communication

 It is a tool for YouTube video SEO ad YouTube channel management for YouTube video creators and businesses.

 Key Features

  1. Now YouTube optimization and YouTube channel management are very easy for video creators and businesses.
  2. With YouTube SEO tools, the search ranking of your videos will improve.
  3. It saves a lot of your time with templates and bulk processing tools.
  4. For success on YouTube, you will get all the necessary data and research tools.
  5. This tool will prove to be your best friend on the road to YouTube success with its philosophy of “Work less, create more”.
  6. The size of the tool is 28 MB.

SCREENSHOT 1: Download it from the chrome store.

SCREENSHOT 2: The green notice says to either create a profile or go to your YouTube section.

SCREENSHOT 3: Here you can sign in by creating a new ID or log in with Google.

SCREENSHOT 4: At YouTube.com, you need to sign in to get the features.

SCREENSHOT 5: It is a paid tool with a minimum of $9 per month.

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