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Looking For Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK? Then If you follow this 33 Steps guide along with me, it is my challenge that you do not have to buy any course to learn digital marketing or blogging. – Bookmark This Post. & Do Alongside For Best Results. Yes, my friends, I am asking you to bookmark this post because. You can make any fabulous website / Blog / Ecommerce Store, with the help of this post.

Although you know nothing online, digital marketing or about creating a website, I assure you that I will train you.  Through this post of mine, I will not only teach you how to build and complete a website, but will also tell you about all the important steps, until it brings mass traffic, and tools related to it. I will explain it in detail.

But I guarantee you all that if you read this post consciously and follow my suggested steps alongside, then you need not search here & there on the internet and You do not need to buy any course at all.  You would make any type of website easily, be it e-commerce store or any blog, and successfully bring unlimited traffic on it. If you people demand, then I will even make a stepwise video version of it and will try uploading it below every step. In this way, you will understand this post much more easily. So let’s START!!

Table of Contents

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Step 1. Niche Selection - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Whenever we make a website, the first question that comes to our mind is about the topic or the niche on which the website would be based upon. Else if we sell any online product then the related niche, etc. Coz we need to know about the trend of that the niche in the market. And if we don’t know about it then although we may make a website by seeing videos on YouTube, but won’t be able to bring traffic to it.

 Thus we need to decide about the zone or the targeted area in the world where we plan to render our service or sell the products. Else you may search about the product or the service that returns a maximum profit. The topics which people search the most or are more interested in. And if your product or service matches with these trending searches. Then you should make the website on this topic.

    Now you may be thinking that where would you find this information. Then I suggest you 4 most popular websites for the same. And I reassure you that after this you need not search for any 5th website.

 To understand the use of these tools, you must watch the video below. And no need to search Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

  1. Google trends, 2. Buzzsumo, 3. Feedly, & 4. Zest and you may save all notes taken while searching these websites at the same place using getpocket. Thus you may easily use these notes while writing any topic. This will save your time as well as avoid confusion while working. Thus we come to the end of our STEP-1.
Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 2. Finding Content Ideas - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

As explained in step 1, if you have selected your favorite niche, now you need to write content on that specific niche. We need to have content ideas so that writing content gets easier.

Answerthepublic + Content Idea Generator Tool

Else we need to have an idea on those sub-topics (Sub Headings) so that writing the content gets easier. I suggest some such tools for the same. Here, you would get content ideas on the selected niches. And these content ideas may be used in your website for writing any sort of related post or article.

    I bet that you would get such a humungous amount of content idea using these four websites that even the entire day will countless for writing so much content. These tools are user-friendly and easy to use. But still, if you face any problem while using them, then do drop a comment in the comment box below, so that we may solve your concerns. 1. Answerthepublic 2. Hubspot 3. Slogan Maker 4. Google.Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 3. Keyword Research - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

You need to research about the Niches and related subtitles, and search the relatable keywords too. Until you don’t research keyword, howsoever good articles/post you may write, it will never rank at top of any search engine. Down below, I am suggesting some websites where you would be able to suggest thousands of keyword related to your article/post. In later steps, you will be learn how and when to use these keywords successfully.

Using these Keyword Research Tools, you will not only get keywords, but also learn the SEO Difficulty, their Monthly Search Volume, ranking of those Keywords on various websites, their paid difficulty and even the position of these keywords on search engine, etc. You will get much more valuable piece of information using these keyword tools. With the help of this tool, you would easily rank any post, article or product description on search engines. 1. SEMrush 2. Kwfinder

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 4. Edit & Remove Duplicate Keywords

Now in this step, save all keywords in an excel sheet or text file. Whenever you research for keywords using 3-4 websites, there are maximum chances that few keywords would be the same/duplicate. Thus you need to delete those duplicate keywords. Now if you start searching each keyword one by one and then delete, it will take a long time. And your work won’t get perfect. Thus using the suggested website below, you will not only be able to remove duplicate keywords but also use them for Exact Match, Phrase Match, Negative Match & Broad Match. This will prove helpful even for paid advertising. 1. Jumbo 2. Kwtostar. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik 

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 5. Analyze titles - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Now you need to write Titles and Sub Titles using those researched Keywords & Sub Titles. Now Score checks them so that the reader gets tempted to click on the website’s link after reading them. Make Eye Catchy Headlines & Sub Headings / Titles. I suggest a few websites below to check them. In these websites, you can analyze your titles/subtitles and check their scores too. Thus writing top-quality titles and subtitles for your websites gets easier now. 1. Coschedule, 2. Aminstitute, 3. Subjectline, 4. Tweakyourbiz

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 6. Start Writing Or Hire Writer - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Now you need to write content for your website with the help of the selected titles and subtitles. Now you need not add keywords in it now, but if you are expert in article writing then you may add the keyword. The bigger your post is (at least 2 to 4 thousand words or more), the easier it would be to rank your website on search engines.

Archive  Its a non-profit library, where you would find millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. This would help you write quality content.

Else if you face problems in writing articles or have difficulty in any language, then you may hire writers from websites like Contentwriters, Freelance, Fiverr and iWriter for writing content for your website. Obviously you need to spend some money on it. But if you wish posting quality content for your website and face difficulty while writing good articles, then you must hire good writers for your website. This is being practiced by every top & expert blogger today.

Generate Article

And I got three websites namely Article Forge, Articlegen, Articool where you can generate articles. You may generate articles for almost every topic through them. Here creating articles is really easy. You just need to fill in the blanks or answer a few questions related to your article. Your unique article would get ready within a minute. The websites claim that these articles are 100% plagiarism-free. But still, you must check their plagiarism before posting the article on your website. I found Copyscape as the best website for checking plagiarism. You may check the plagiarism from any website of your choice. Now you may compare between Article Generator Websites and Freelancing Service Websites and choose whichever suits you for writing the content.

Expireddomains has many such websites whose domains have expired. There is a huge database of the expired domains. These domains expire because people fail to or forget to renew their domain else the domain gets expired. But even after the expiry of a domain, the contents of those websites are still intact. You may use them as a reference while writing content for your website.

Important note- Don’t forget to check the plagiarism of contents while direct copy-pasting on your website. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 7. Check Grammar - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

After writing content, the first thing you should do is to check the grammar of the content. Whether you wrote it yourself or hired any writer from the freelancer website or generated the article from the article generator, don’t forget to check the grammar of your content. You may take help from websites like Grammarly, Prowritingaid, and Hemingwayapp for checking the grammar of your content. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 8. Download Images & Videos

Description: – Now you need to make your article better and eye-catchy. For this, you need a few images, videos, and infographics related to your topic. Websites like Pixaby, Shutterstock, Unsplash may be helpful. You download from these websites and save them in a particular folder. Name this folder as the content name. This will prevent clumsiness and hassle in the future while writing plenty of content.

Else you may buy a lifetime membership for cloud storage from websites like MediaClod. The one-time payment is really pocket-friendly and has multiple benefits like:

  • More than 7 lakh images in multiple formats (jpg, jpeg, png & gif),
  • Massive Library of 40 thousand+ Stock Images,
  • 8k + Animated Graphics,
  • 15k + Vector Graphics,
  • 350+ eCovers, & 475+ Avatars, 
  • And more than 3k + Editable Logo Designs for 20+ Niche, Free logo creator.
  • Powerful, Simple-to-use two Image Editors, using which you can customize the image unlimited times.

& many bonuses. Since I bought the membership of this website, searching for copyright-free images, infographics, video background, animated characters, Gif, Vector Images, etc. has got easier. To know more Click Here and watch the amazing benefits in the live demo video. If you have some budget, you may even buy the resell rights for the product and sell them at 100% profit. To know more, Click Here. 

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 9. Now Buy Domain - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

After all this, you are just a few steps away from publishing your content on the internet. Now you must understand that you need to buy your domain name based on your niche. Like other bloggers, I too would have suggested you buying the domain beforehand. But it’s my experience that when you are a novice, then writing 8-10 perfect articles will take at least 1 to 1.5 months, for many it would even take about 4-5 months.   

         In this case, if you buy the domain name beforehand, then you would have to renew it within a few months. This will definitely hurt your pocket. To avoid this, I didn’t suggest you buy the domain name beforehand. The two big websites Namecheap, BigRock is such Websites which rank top in Domain Name Provider list. I myself bought more than 8 domain names from them. I suggest you these websites as their customer support are fantastic. As your website is known through its domain name, so it’s very important that you don’t buy it from any fraudster. Namecheap, BigRock are two reputed domain name selling websites. You must buy the domain name from them. I prefer Namecheap amongst the two because you get better deals here. Click on link पर click to check for available special offers.

 Do read this post to learn about how and which domain name must be bought.

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 10. Buy Hosting - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Now since you have bought the domain name, you need to buy a hosting from a reputed & trusted hosting provider. Namecheap and Siteground are such best websites. Do buy the hosting from reputed websites because the existence of any website depends on its loading speed.

Yes, there are other factors like website theme, internet speed, the ram of your computer, etc. on which speed depends. But even if you have these things and buy the hosting from an illicit company, you would suffer a huge loss. Although these websites offer cheaper hosting, but their speed is such that your website gets unusable. If the hosting speed itself is low, no matter how good your website or SEO is, your website won’t get traffic. And their customer support is pathetic.  Namecheap and Siteground are two reputed websites.  Siteground is the best one. It has 20 lakh happy customer and I am one such amongst them. More than 90% of bloggers and experts suggest siteground hosting as its speed and customer support are the best.

Customer Support is a major factor in Hosting.  If you are not an technical expert then you will definitely face some technical glitches while making your website. And if the customer support is bad, then you may have to hire a website designer for solving even minor problems. It’s then when we understand the importance of hosting support.  Thankfully the after-sales service of siteground is best. They try solving your concerns within 15 minutes. This is my personal experience. 🙂

And their hosting control panel is so very user-friendly that even a kid can manage it well. Thus I suggest that Siteground is the best. 

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 11. Connect Domain & Hosting

After buying Domain Name and Hosting, you need to interconnect them. Thus after they get interconnected, the published posts on our website will be displayed on internet. I had already suggested you about Namecheap for domain name and siteground for hosting. Now to interconnect them, you must watch the video below. For any queries, do drop a comment in the comment box.

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 12. Install WordPress

Now since you have watched the video and interconnected the hosting and domain, now you need to install the CMS. Now we would use WordPress for it as it is the most popular content management system in the world. About 37 to 40% of the websites in the world are made on WordPress. Using WordPress is really easy. Here you can make any website of your choice and you need not have any technical expertise for it. Any common man can easily make a superb website on WordPress. Thus we are referring to WordPress in this guide. You can learn everything about installing WordPress with the help of the videos and screenshots given below. 

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 13. Install Fastest Theme

GeneratePress & Astra:– As explained earlier, the website’s ranking on a search engine depends on its speed. And the website’s theme plays a major role in its speed. If the theme is slow, no matter how good your content is, the website will lose most of its viewers. Thus you may use GeneratePress, Astra for installing the theme, as they have lightweight and fastest themes. Most of the top bloggers use these 2 themes. I myself use the free version of GeneratePress as it is very user-friendly, fast and its customization is really very easy. You can download free  GeneratePress Theme from here. In Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 14. Install Essential Plugins

Here I list some of the important plugins which will be helpful while installing WordPress. This will make your website attractive, increase your page loading speed and improve the security of your WordPress website. Watch this video to know how to install and find plugins in WordPress. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

  • Schema Pro
  • WP Rocket
  • Elementor
  • Elementor Pro
  • Pagespeed Ninja
  • Yoast SEO
  • Jetpack
  • Easy Plugin Updates
  • Post Type Switcher
  • G-suite
Any Institute Of Digital Marketing Course Online In Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK Will never tell you in-depth like this.

Step 15. Optimize Text, Images & Videos

Now since our canvas is ready, we just need to post the content by pasting it on WordPress dashboard by clicking into Posts > New Posts Option and pasting in it. Save this as a draft as you must perform complete SEO optimization before publishing it. And I suggest the Yoast SEO Plugin for best Seo of your content. You need to arrange the easier and higher volume keywords in ascending order on the excel sheet. Now select a few keywords for ranking your article. With the help of Yoast SEO Plugin, you must add those keywords in the article such that it fits well in the article without hampering the meaning of the article. While writing the text, use proper tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, etc. Thus whenever people search your keyword related query, the probability of your article ranking at the top will increase.

Also, use websites like,  compressimagecompressjpegloveimgezgif to compress the downloaded images, infographics, and videos before installing them on WordPress Add Media. The bigger sized image or video will drastically reduce your website’s speed. After compressing, save the Images and Videos by naming them as keywords. Also, write SEO-Friendly Alt Text and Description which is to be used in subtitles or titles. Now upload the images and videos based on the content. Thus your images and videos get SEO optimized. But you need not post publish now.

Other important information related to On-Page SEO

Google Title Length – 55 Character & 512PX

Url Length – 75 Characters

Meta descriptions

For Google – 158 Characters And 920 Pixel

For Bing & Yahoo – 168 Characters & 920 Pixel

For Mobile – 120 Characters And 680 Pixels

Click here and check with the help of this website.

H1 – 36px, H2 – 28px, H3 – 24px. Title Font – Nunito, weight – 700

Recommended Follow and Unfollow Links ratio.

If 80 Do-Follow, then the number of No Follow Links should be 20.

Step 16. Check Passive Voice - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Yoast plugin will suggest the number of passive voice sentences used  in the content and the requirement as per the article. Thus you may correct the passive voice in the content. You may use websites like atayze, grammar, analyzemywriting & hemingwayap to improve the passive voice of your Content. But you need to have the basic knowledge of English language. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

Step 17. Make Logo & Thumbnails - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Now prior to publishing your content, you need to customize your website and post by going into the theme option. Also, you need to add logo and the website’s logo needs to be transparent. The first impression of any website popularizes it amongst the viewers. Whenever you see any big website, do notice that they’ve spent lakhs on making their logo. Now you understand the importance of your logo. Previously I had suggested few websites where you may get 3000+ logo designs. Apart from this, you also get more than 7 lakh free stock images that can be edited and are usable. You may use the Pixlr Free logo creator. In this website, you can create free transparent text logos. Do subscribe to our newsletters because it will solve all your logo related concerns. We will offer you 300+ editable logos from 20 different topics. 

Thus you will be able to design high-resolution, High Quality, & Transparent Logos for all sorts of niches. You may use  Canva for creating thumbnails. Although its a free logo creator but you need to pay for downloading transparent logos. Using this website is quite easy. You will be easily making thumbnails and cover & profile images for social media accounts as well.

Step 18. Check Plagiarism & Publish

Now you must do a final plagiarism check of your post prior to publishing it. Copyscape is the most trusted & best website for plagiarism check. You may check it for free from Edubirdi & Quetext, but their authenticity can’t be guaranteed. Copyscape is the only paid website whose plagiarism can be trusted. Here you will get accurate information about the websites who are copying your content. Or about your content that may be matching with other websites. Thus if you are serious about blogging and wish to post plagiarism free content on your website, then this website is worth it. Although this is a paid website, the plagiarism checking is really affordable. Hence it totally depends on you as to where to check the plagiarism of your website. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

Step 19. Mobile-Friendly Test

Even after publishing your post the task is not yet finished. It is seen many times that the edited contents can be seen well on our website, but it doesn’t show well on our mobiles. Heading overlaps or the images are hay where. Although the editor made it on mobile mode, but the page has loading issues and doesn’t show well on mobiles. Thus we may take help from websites like Gmf,SS & MT for a mobile-friendly test of our website. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik

Step 20. Check Page Load Time - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Now we need to check the speed of our website. On websites like PSI, WPT,& Pingdom, you just need to enter the URL of your website. They give a detailed speed report of your website and mention the deficiencies. Thus you may rectify them to improve the speed of your website. If the speed of any website is good, it must open within 2 seconds. If your website opens slightly above 2 seconds, then you may miss many clients. Thus perform the speed test of your website using these tools and try rectifying the pointed errors. This will boost your post on search engines and will rank your website on the top pages of Google.

Step 21. Create Console & Analytic Accounts

Now you need to add your website (property) on Google Search Console and Analytics . This will enable you to see your website’s traffic and detailed analytics. Thus it gets a direct index on the Google search engine. Thus when you publish or post publish a new page on your website, or update it, then you will be able to submit those links to Google search console and won’t get easily available on Google bots until you index it. To rank your pages faster, do submit the links on search console after writing 8-10 posts.

Watch How To Add Website To Google Console

Watch How To Create Google Analytics Account

Submit URL In To Search Engines

Apart from Google, there are any other search engines in this world. I have added the top 10 list in this post. You need to submit your website to all those search engines so that your traffic will flourish amazingly. Adding your website to these engines is really easy. Few companies may charge you an amount for doing this job. But my honest suggestion is that you submit the website yourself. Here is the list of top search engines.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • Yandex.ru
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ask.com
  • AOL.com
  • WolframAlpha
  • Internet Archive


Watch How To Submit URL / Website To Search Engines

Step 22. Link Tracker - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Keep calm and listen carefully to what I say. Try implementing it as expert marketers won’t reveal this secret to you. Many people know about the link tracker but using it is still a secret. This is my sincere effort to expose this secret to you all. First of all, buy a link tracker subscription from websites like Cpv, clickmagic, etc. If you buy it from Cpv, you may use coupon code ”GROWINGPANDA”  to avail an on spot discount worth $30. This software is best suited for increasing the conversion/sales of your product/service. Do watch this video to understand more about its benefits.

You will understand its importance once you start getting the profit. A link tracker is a tracking tool. Suppose, you wish to sell 5 of your products using paid advertising or some other way. Thus you need to make 5 different tracking links of these 5 products URL. Whenever you share those links, you will get to know about the keywords used while searching them, search engine used, a device used and much other valuable information with the help of this software.

That’s why people are spending a monthly subscription fee of 50$ to 100$ for using link tracker. Here you get to know the entire information about the trending product, area of a trend, etc. Tus you would stop spending on other products and invest more on the trending ones. You would get a vivid description about the link tracker and its use, on YouTube.

Best Way Of Use

Now I suggest you a better way to use this software. You must first decide the mode of advertisement/promotion of your products. They may be social media advertising, influencer, solo ads or any other method. You need to make links for each product in link tracker. Else if you wish to put in on your website, then make a link according to its position, i.e., Header, footer, sidebar or middle of content. Thus you will easily get to know which method improved your sale. You may track about a social media marketing or website marketing. Precisely, you may even track the sales about each part of your website.

Thus you would now get assured about the mode which has increased your sales. If the sales was improved from social media marketing, then you would invest more in this mode and thus improve your profit as well. I hope that you have understood me well and will invest in CpvP to increase your website conversion. Don’t forget to use the coupon code to avail an amazing discount.

Step 23. Sales Funnels Builder - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

GetResponse– to improvise your sales to a newer level, sales funnel builders are being used. You may offer your client both Up sale and Down Sale. It means that if a person visits your website and shuts his window due to unfavorable prices or some other reasons, then you’d quickly offer him a new deal. This will alter his mindset and will definitely buy something or the other from your website. Also when he adds any product to cart, a few other costlier recommendations will appear on his screen. If he doesn’t wish to buy the product, a recommendation will shift to cheaper products. These Upsell and Down sell will improve your profits. Whenever someone visits a website, he would be shown many other products as well. This advanced technique will improve your sales/conversion and can be tracked using a link tracker.

Hope that you have understood the importance of sales funnel and link tracker in advanced digital marketing.

But if you are a novice and can’t spend much. Then just follow the previous steps and earn some bucks. This income will help you buy sales funnel builder and link trackers. These sales funnel builders are so very expensive that every blogger can’t afford that. Thus try using GetResponse to create sales funnel. You would save 40% by clicking on this   Special Link. And you even get Email autoresponder from this. Read this message that I received from GetResponse   >> Your audience can get up to 40% off any GetResponse plan (Basic, Plus or Professional) for life! It’s only open to the first 1,000 customers. So hurry up and avail of this discount!!

Step 24. Email Autoresponder - Free Digital Marketing Course Online

GetResponse & Aweber–  Now since you finished your job of Niche selection and post publish. Congratulations!! The real job starts now. You need to bring traffic to your website and Email Autoresponder plays a vital role in it.  Email Autoresponder will send the subscribed newsletter to all the people, which you gained from organic traffic Of SEO. They will receive notifications about new products/services. Thus they would become your permanent customers. Thus Email autoresponder is so very important. Click on this  Special Link to avail special offers on GetResponse.

Aweber is another such website, both of these are the Best Branded Email Autoresponder Service Providers. In which you can maintain a good email sequence for your clients. So that wherever you are, they will automatically get information about your Products / Post / Services / Offers on your behalf.

We saw the first part of this Automation, after which I will tell you more awesome Techniques. For this, stay on this post and bookmark / save this post, the biggest advantage of bookmarking is that you will need not have to notes separately. Like I am telling here, Side by Side you also do it on your blog or website . and after doing all this, comment box to me, & how much you increased traffic/conversion.

But these post is not finished here, I am going to bring various ways to increase traffic to the website. So that you will get all that, I have committed you above in this post, so stay tuned for the feature subsets on this post.

so if you are Looking For Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik। Haryana। Uttarakhand Or In India, USA, UK – Then Bookmark This Post

Step 25. Create Social Media Accounts

Now you need to quickly make accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, with your brand/service name. Also, share every new content of your website on these social media platforms too. The #hashtag plays a major role in some of these platforms, so try putting #hashtags too. This will help in bringing traffic to your website from all of the search engines of the world. To know more about the 30+ popular social media networks and to join them and understand social media marketing better, Click here

Step 26. Join Question Answer Forums

Do join the question-answer forums after creating your account on social media platforms. Answer to the questions related to your product/services. The answer must be of at least 200 to 500 words or even more. You may also add the link of your website/blog at the end. But don’t answer many questions in a single day, also don’t paste your website link here & there. This will ban/restrict your account on social media platform & question-answer forums. Click here to get the list of the popular question-answer forums.

Step 27. Create Backlinks

Good quality backlinks is an important factor in ranking your website/post/blog on top of a search engine. You need to rank your website at the top of the search engine. With quality backlinks, Google bots get an indication that you have written a good and quality content, and people are loving to read it and share. Thus your website will top amongst the other websites of the same category.

You must not pick backlinks from anywhere & everywhere. Few websites give false promises of providing backlinks and give you spammy ones. They aren’t beneficial and may cause a loss for your website.  These websites have very high spam scores that even your spam score gets worser. (Click here to check the spam score of your website)

Try getting backlinks from the websites whose DA ( Domain Authority ) & PA (Page Authority ) are good and spam score is less. The websites who are offering backlinks for the particular niche, just to you and have offered backlinks to only a few websites and their DA ( Domain Authority ) & PA (Page Authority ) are good and spam score is less, such websites have high link juice. The more link juice you have, the higher would your ranking be on the search engine. Thus quality backlinks and link juice are very important in SEO.

What is Link juice?

If any website is offering backlink to your website, it means that it is giving link juice to your website. If it’s offering backlinks to 3 other websites, then there are a total of 4 websites. Thus you get 100/4 = 25% of link juice.

If it offers backlinks just to 2 websites, then the link juice obtained, would be more than that obtained from 4 websites. I hope that you’ve got some idea about Link juice, DA, PA. Still, if you have any doubts, do ask in comment box.

How to search for Quality Backlinks:- There are numerous ways to get Quality Backlinks. Most of the quality backlinks can be easily obtained from paid tools. 

To know about all those methods, click here!

Step 28. Submit Ping website

Below I’m suggesting a list of ping websites. Add them to your WordPress. Before adding them to your WordPress website, check their DA, PA by visiting them yourself. On adding them to your website you will get benefitted, as whenever you add any new post on your website, they will automatically get notified and your website traffic will increase. 

Click here to get the list of Ping Websites.

Step 29. Submit Post On PDF & Article Submission Site

Below I suggest you, a list of few such Top Article & PDF Submission Websites where you can submit your website’s articles. They have millions of traffic. Just imagine that if your article or pdf ranks on these websites, you will start getting free traffic. If people start liking your content, your website will gain huge traffic. 

Click here to get the list of Top Article & PDF Submission Websites. 

30. Apply For Monetization Or Affiliate Program

Your website will start gaining good traffic within 2 to 3 months, also you need to post unique quality content on your website regularly. Also, you must update the posted contents so that you are under the sight of search engines. After that, You must apply for monetization from websites like Google Adsense, Medianet, Adcash, Propellerad, etc. so that you start earning from your website.

If your website gets more than 10000 traffic, then I suggest you sell your products on your website or else join the affiliate program of the related niche, so that you earn better than monetization. You may apply on websites like Amazon Affiliate, Cj, Admitted. Companies will easily accept your affiliate application on seeing your website traffic & quality content.

But take care while making an account on Google Adsense. No matter how many websites you own, just make a single account on your name. If you make different accounts, then all such accounts may be terminated. But you may create accounts with your family members’ name and e-mail id, like a mother, father, siblings, etc. Also read through the terms & conditions of Google Adsense carefully, so that your account doesn’t get terminated due to any minor error.

Step 31. And If Have Budget Start Paid SEM & SMM

And as said earlier, if you have your own product and its profit margin is good, then try paid advertising for your product/service. Thus you need not work hard on SEO and your website will be shown on the first or second position. Obviously you have to pay a good amount for the keywords, to obtain the first or second position.

If you get good margins in product selling or owe any local business, and wish that people visit your store to buy things, then you may use local paid advertising for your website. Thus this advertisement will be displayed, only in selected areas and those people will get to your contact. Paid advertising is a vast topic and you shall get detailed information in the future. I hope that you understood about developing your business using paid advertising along with its benefits. 

Step 32. Solo Ads & Influencer Ads

Solo Ads means renting the e-mail list of some people. You share your website’s link with that person, and he mails your link to his subscribers. In return, he charges you per click. 

People are selling their product using this and thus both parties get benefitted. Influencers are similar. These influencers have lakhs of followers/traffic on their social media accounts. Thus if you connect with these influencers, they will put your website’s link on their profile’s bio. Here is the list of top Influencers  and solo ad networks

They will charge you in return. Some may charge hourly while others have a fixed rate. People are earning decently. There are few influencer’s websites where you would deposit money directly, and they will put the link on bio. They may even put a description with the link, or else the websites will ask for a description and put it on their profile as per the link contract. They will remove the link once the contract gets over. The conversion that you get in this interval is your profit. Thus you may use this method for your website conversion.

33. Create Own Affiliate Program

And if you own any manufacturing unit, and wish your product to be sold similar to products of other bigger companies, where the sales are commission-based. Thus you may start your own affiliate program. You need not hire any software/program designer, nor do you need to have any technical skills.

There are many such websites available now, which will set up the entire system with small charges/ commission. Thus people who wish to sell your product with a commission, may be able to join this system. In this system, you will also be able to check the separate record of each person. Thus if they make any sale, they will directly get the commission in their account. The remaining amount will be safe in your account. 

Hope, that you got plenty of valuable information from this post. I wrote this post with just a solemn approach to make my own community. Here many other successful people would develop and share their success stories on our social media platform. Seeing their success would influence other people too.  Digital Marketing Course in Delhi। Mumbai। Banglore। Nashik


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